Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Righteous Dawn

So I've been breaking out of my comfort zone a lot this semester. Oil painting, editorial illustration, comics, poster design, my entire media class... A lot of things I'm not used to doing. I've also been working on simplifying my compositions, using more large graphic shapes and better use of space. And while a lot of that hasnt been put up here (yet at least), I definitely feel I'm learning a lot from it. But every now and then, I just need to do something that is completely and

And thus, this painting. Epic fantasy. Golden lighting. Jagged rock formations. Clouds in abundance. Hey, cant knock me for being inconsistent, right? It started out as a thumbnail for a Way of Kings book cover (I ended up doing Mistborn instead), but I finished it out in my free time a little differently.

Dont worry, I'll experiment more later. least...after I finish my Illustration assignment on Holiday Giftbooks. :|

Edit: Added process gif.


  1. This is really cool and greatly named. Love how you tell a story through your art. The victor gleaming in the sunlight, sword in hand, while the defeated lies riddled with arrows in the dark.

  2. Cool art style. I like how the hero's sword is fancy but still practical