Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Well of Ascension

So I know I said my next Sanderson fan piece would be either Kaladin or Vasher...but I had the opportunity to redesign a book cover for my Illustration I class, and my Way of Kings thumbnails weren't panning out to my teachers liking. He did however like my idea for a mistborn cover, and I gravitated toward the Well of Ascension cover (I like big swords). After a large amount of changes and revamps and fixes, I ended up with this.

As per usual, I took some liberties. The mistcloak is tied around her waist, resembling the one on the hardcover Well of Ascension book, with a touch of the semi-official inkthinker version thrown in also. The coin trails were hard to capture in this style, but I think they got across well enough. As for who the person in the foreground is? Well, I'll leave that up to interpretation. Is it a random person? A random mistling? A particular mistborn sociopath? Never know. Regardless, I struggled with the type face for this cover. I'm not a graphic designer, although I would desperately like a class on typography in illustration. Here was my attempt.

Questionable for sure. My design friends would probably kill me. Sorry Jamie.


  1. The sword is very out of place.

  2. Wow! I love this interpretation of the cover, I stumbled upon this blog, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to see Mistborn fanart since I don't know too many people who've read it. Keep up the great art btw, there is some amazing stuff on here :)