Monday, July 16, 2012

Kredik Shaw, Hill of a Thousand Spires

Vin gazing upon the monstrous palace of Kredik Shaw through the ashfalls. More Sanderson fan art. I had originally planned to do Vasher next, but I was having some issues with getting his design right. Might reread Warbreaker before I tackle that one. So I went with Mistborn, my introduction to Sanderson and his fantastic worlds. This one was more of a quickie, much faster than Dalinars. It started as speedpaint practice, but I developed it further. Its not often I do much architecture in my pieces, which is painfully obvious. Something to work on in the future.

Also, as I know Brandon Sanderson is an avid Magic: The Gathering player (something we share), I thought I'd try this on for size. I always loved playing around with MSE.

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  1. Fantastic art, man. The magic card desgin is also really great and captures the flavor of the Lord Ruler's castle very well!